Aeronautical Engineering Board Exam 2020 Survey

FWA Aero Refresher Program 2020


This form is a survey initiated for use by Flightwings Aviation Training and Consultancy regarding the Aeronautical Engineering Examinations on November 2020 and possible repercussions due to COVID-19 Pandemic (possible cancellation and reschedule).

Flightwings Aviation Disclaimer: This is for internal and exclusively for FWA Training and Consultancy. Please prioritize the survey from SAEP first BEFORE proceeding to take this survey from your Aeronautical Engineering Refresher Program provider. All rights reserved and this survey is confidential and protected.

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1) Are you in favor for cancelling the November 2020 Board Examinations for Aeronautical Engineering?

2) Why are you in favor of cancelling the examinations? If not, what is your stand or opinion for not cancelling it? Consider the current public health crisis (COVID-19 Pandemic and changing protocols on quarantine/lockdown).

3) If the board/Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) decided to move the examinations next year 2021, which month do you think is the best or applicable for you to have the Aeronautical Engineering Exams to be scheduled?

Thank you, our reviewer-students for participating for this survey. We value your opinion and feedback.