NEW SCHEDULE: Classes for the Aeronautical Engineering Review 2020

NEW SCHEDULE: Classes for the Aeronautical Engineering Review. Start date is on 13 & 14 June 2020.

Important Announcement From Flightwings Aviation

The Aeronautical Engineering Refresher Program is now adjusted to: 13 June to 01 November 2020.


✔️ To give leeway or enough time to register with our program, we are moving the schedule of the review from MAY to JUNE.

⏲️ This is also to give ample time for those who are graduating between February to May.


THE Orientation days for upcoming students of SATURDAY & SUNDAY Session (Aeronautical Engineering Refresher Program) has been updated:

SUNDAY SESSION: 07 June 2020

THIS is to make an assessment, provide an overview, run down of the subjects, expectations, objectives of the program.

AN opportunity too, as a forum for students-reviewers to inquire directly to the instructors.

THESE new, separate orientation days will be also the finalization of registration, an opportunity to settle or payment completion, program to-dos/rules/guidelines, and contract signing.


Refresher Program will begin on orientation/start date 13 June (Saturday Session) and 14 June (Sunday Session) respectively. The program will conclude/wrap-up in 1 November 2020 (target schedule).

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▪️Limited slots
▪️First come, first serve basis
▪️Terms and conditions apply

Our Line up of Instructor/Consultants:

Engr. Ninoel Dela Cruz
Engr. Romnick Medina
Engr. Lemuel Banal
Engr. Joefraim Delicano
Engr. Jude Karlo Gobenciong

They are with us for the past 3 years our core team! Top notcher makers!



Aeronautical Engineering Refresher Program 2020 Updates and Key Points


  • 23 Weekly Lecture Sessions, Starting June 2020.
  • 16 hours will broken down to our program activities such as Assessment Exam (done online) and lecture to discuss the answers and specific assements on their results.
  • 8 Hours Per Review Session: from 8:00 a. m. — 5:00 p. m. with one hour break.
  • Scheduled Every Saturdays and Sundays 8am-5pm.
  • 184 lecture hours allotted plus 16 lectures broken down: Total of 200 hours.
  • We conduct at least one (1) more remedial class as needed depending on the final assessment results of the class as we go back to those subject/s that needs emphasis.
  • Experienced Instructors/Consultants, Which Have More Than 2 Years Of Teaching Experience.
  • Review Venue TO BE ANNOUNCED.


  • We Provide Review Assessment For Behavioral And Intellectual Readiness For Us To Know You More, So We Can Properly Align Our Teaching Approach And Techniques.
  • We Provided Consultancy Support In The Classroom During The Regular Session And Also Thru Our Online Portal (Flightwingsaviation.Com) For All Your Review Queries And Concern.
  • Exclusive Access To Our E-Library For Your Review Reference That You Can Access Anytime Of The Day Thru The Comfort Of Your Smart Devices (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop/PC) Just By Signing In Our Website.
  • Weekly Assessment Online Support Thru Our Website:
    • Flightwings Aviation Website Provides Integrated Online Examination Based On Your Previous Weeks Lecture Topics.
    • Assessment Of The Results Of Exam Will Be Provided So You Can Adjust Your Review Habits.
    • This Will Keep Our Reviewee Occupied During The Weekdays And Preparing As Well In The Next Session Of Lecture In Advance.
    • Assessments Exams Available And Updated Weekly For Specific Subjects That Needs Constant Reading And Review. (Air Laws /Aircraft Materials)
  • Comprehensive Review Program That Have Been Constantly Reviewed And Revised By Our Team To Meet The Growing Demand And Trends
  • Dedicated And Passionate Team That Are Well Experienced In Their Specific Fields In Aviation And Having More Than 2 Years Of Academic Teaching Experience.