Date and Time Jun 17, 2022 - Nov 01, 2022 Whole Day
Ticket Price Php0.00

Flightwings Aviation Face to Face Class for 2022:

Venue:  Shaimike Kitchenette  @ Salem Complex Pasay City or within the vicinity of Domestic Road Pasay City near the Airport Area.

The face to face class will abide to IATF regulations for private gathering and conducting review session. Strict regulations will be followed based on the minimum health and safety protocols of the Local Government and IATF. Flight wings Aviation will have a special requirements for those who enrolled to our program and should strictly abide to the regulations.


All enrolled student must abide the following requirements fulfilled before the June/July 2022 Scheduled Face to face class:

  1. Student have completed the remaining due payment for Face to Face Class total price of 18,000.00 PHP.
    1. If initially paid DP amount of 8,500 (9000 ticket price) – the remaining amount to be paid should be PHP 9,000.00
    2. If Full payment of 11,500 (12000 ticket price) – the remaining amount to be paid should be PHP 6,0000.00
    3. If the enrollee will not join the face to face class he/she will only pay a package price amounting to 12,0000.00 and his/her slot will be forfeit for the face to face and will then be allocated to interested enrollee. Slot can be transferred as well upon coordination to Flightwings Admin.
    4. Amount may differ according to promos and discount provided by FW admins contact directly an admin for this special rate provided.
  2. All Enrollee should be fully vaccinated
    1. In the absence of vaccination thru approved reasons such as religious belief and other personal/medical matters a medical certificate must be provided in a weekly basis and a weekly negative antigen test must be provided 24 hours before the class.
  3. Standard medical grade face mask must always be worn in the facility at all times.
  4. Additional Safety measures will be implemented if necessary like Face shield and PPE only if deem needed based on IATF mandate and regulations.
  5. Student must undergo health assessment before entering like Temperature check and sanitizing.
  6. If a student is having Covid like symptoms will be barged from entering the venue, FW aviation will have the right to not allow allow you to be in the venue once you fail the health assessment.  Once cleared by a medical certificate by a lic physician only then you can be allowed to access the venue.

Safety Standards from Flightwings Aviation:

  1. Flightwings Avaition will provide a well ventilated place (not enclosed facility for air circulation) with air purifier and coolers (Air-conditioning) for an approved area.
  2. All Consultants/Staff/Instructors are fully vaccinated and will undergo a Bi weekly Antigen test to make sure that we are always safe.
  3. Limited number of Student should be in the venue based on IATF regulations.
  4. Temperature scanner and sanitation of the venue like alcohol and fumigation will be provided to proactively prevent the spread of the virus.
  5. Food and eating will not be allowed to the venue so we will not have to take down the mask during the session. There will be a water station for your water bottle to refill and you must bring your own bottles/flask otherwise we will providing limited disposable cups.
  6. No one will be allowed to go out the venue during breaks to avoid further contamination you must eat before entering the venue so we can actively eliminate the factor of contamination for the safety of all.
  7. Comfort rooms will be available inside the venue.

All safety guidelines will be updated from time to time depending on the IATF rules and alert level conditions. We will ensure the protocols will be followed to ensure our Face to Face review will not be interrupted.

1 of the face to face session will be recorded and those who cannot make it to the class will be able to view it in our LMS system which all enrollee have also you can recall parts of the lessons that you want. (This feature will be available as well to those who will avail the Online package only)

Target to Start on June 17, 2022 will end on Oct 30, 2022. We will Have at least 20  Weekly session depending on which month we will start. The 2 session will be used for your mock examination and final assessment session.

Final Payment due for the remaining balance should be settled on or Before June 1, 2022 otherwise temporary suspension of services/online access will be implemented once payment was not yet settled upon the mentioned date.


SCHEDULE/SECTION (6 Class) Same set up same topic same instructor so which ever section you choose you will not miss anything all will be the same.

Just for a shared experienced while conducting this sections from the past it is more precise and smoother on the next section that is because the instructor already shared his ideas on the previous class it is well more refined and smoother that way. No special additions or anything but teaching it again for the class will somewhat makes things a bit smoother the 2nd 3rd or 4th time around (Just an observation). There are perks being the first class on Sat AM session also there are perks on Sun PM session you got to choose.

Also we are aware that you want to be in a group of people to be in the same session and day so better choose wisely as we cannot allow transferring of sections once booked and if the section will be filled up already then its closed first come first served.

Once you choose your specific sections/schedule you cannot interchanged, in a case to case basis one can change only if he find a swap buddy to be replaced this feature will be applicable once all slots are taken as we already experienced this issue before.

Remember you are a graduate of a degree so this issues should not be a pressing issue we will only entertain issues that are more important to your well being that needs addressing we will be assisting you with that.  Its a time to mature and prepare yourselves with and not choosing a section for social gatherings with friends you can do that after the review session. We Aero has a culture of sama sama together as a group or so its good but sometimes you need to stand on your own and be independent you will all take the exam as an individual so we have to train ourselves to be reliant to our own. Wala ng kopyahan sa Board exam we need to break the culture and norms, its good to have group activities once in while to test our capabilities and know our shortcomings but at the end of the day you will face the exam on your own.


Choose wisely once chosen cannot be changed and when all slots are taken you cannot pick it already it means it was all taken.

Choose 1 on the drop down menu only 40 per class


  • FRIDAY SESSION (AM Session 8:00AM-12:00PM)
  • FRIDAY SESSION (PM Session 1:00PM-5:00PM)
  • SATURDAY SESSION (AM Session 8:00AM-12:00PM)
  • SATURDAY SESSION (PM Session 1:00PM-5:00PM)
  • SUNDAY SESSION (AM Session 8:00AM-12:00PM)
  • SUNDAY SESSION (PM Session 1:00PM-5:00PM)

4 hours of lecture face to face per week. we will assume that before this session you already completed the lecture online within the week as scheduled, we will not repeat the lecture in the online platform. This session will be a reinforcing lecture as an additional information provided to your online courses it will be compressed to 4 hours as the basic terminology was provided in the LMS courses online. This will enable us to focus on deeper topics and complicated problems that the face to face class will be the best way to provide this also a good interaction with your instructors to clarify contain topics you still don’t understand so all can utilize the time to engaged with your instructors.

Prior to the lesson Quiz/assessment will be provided to all in the LMS Platform to help us identify the topics that we need to concentrate and we will all align the lectures in each specific sections that is why our program is always successful because we are constantly tweaking our program based on our students so we will not provide the same approach as last year its always new every year because we have a different set of students per year.

It is important to stay on your section as we deal every section in a different approach based on the collective data we have from your assessments.


Hope this will clarify all of your questions and we encourage everyone to be mature in choosing and refrain from childish query of changing sections let us be considerate on this factors. We will assure you regardless of the section/schedule you choose you will have the same level of experience and standard.


Thank you for any question kindly message us directly.




Bookings are closed for this event.